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2013 NOYF Awards Congress

Albuquerque, New Mexico



• The Anderson-Abruzzo Albuquerque International Balloon Museum offered exhibits on the history, science and sport of ballooning for which the city is known worldwide.  

• The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center was also on the schedule documenting the origins, spoken traditions, arts and crafts, and cultural development of the Pueblo Indians. 

• The Albuquerque Alpaca Ranch wasalso included in the day’s itinerary.   

• The El Pinto Restaurant offered a tour of the salsa production plant. 





2013 NOYF Winners

Brian & Stephanie Perkins, WI; Nick & Tara Meyer, MN; Greg & Gina Wegis, CA; Erik & Heather Tietig, FL

2013 NOYF Finalists


Back Row, from left: Greg and Gina Wegis, CA; Brian and Stephanie Perkins, WI; Tara nd Nick Meyer, MN; Heather and Erik Tietig, FL; Jessie and Clay Hinnant, NC.

Front Row, from left: Jason and Cali Smith, GA; Christine and Russell Holmberg, CT; Meredith and Jeremy Compton, NJ; Becky and Adam Kuczer, WI; Becky and Bill Hennenfent, IL.  

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