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OFA Officers

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Don Hartman ('06, NM)

Don and Cheryl Hartman, along with their son Matthew and his wife Megan, farm 500 acres of vegetables and small grains in southern New Mexico. Matthew and Megan returned to the farm in 2014, Matthew with a degree in agronomy and Megan with an Agricultural Business degree. This area in New Mexico is a high desert and produces some of the best tasting green chile and onions in the nation. All of their farms are irrigated by sub-surface drip irrigation. Don is currently president of Luna County Farm and Livestock Bureau and is the current treasurer of Deming Soil and Water Conservation District. Don and Cheryl are both actively involved in 4-H and the Southwestern New Mexico State Fair.  Don and Cheryl were National OYF winners in 2006.

Vice President/Treasurer

Christopher Martin ('15, GA)

Christopher and Ginger Martin started farming from the ground-up in 2002. They sold their family home in town and moved back across the river to the very roots of their families’ beginnings over 200 years ago.
They grow primarily cotton and peanuts. The Martins have been involved in research, conservation, and sustainable agriculture, and that continues to be their passion along with ag education and tourism.
Recently, they purposely downsized because their son Grantson and daughter Wellsley have graduated college, married, and begun their careers, and they have additional interests to pursue. Ginger launched an author career in 2019 and Christopher is her ‘book manager’ in his spare time since the farm’s downsizing, plus he enjoys exploring entre
preneurial ideas and real estate opportunities. Travel is their main hobby.  Most recently, Ginger and Christopher are thoroughly enjoying new granddaughter Clara.


Tor Andersen ('17, NJ)

Tor and Nicole Andersen of New Jersey are members of the OFA Class of 2017. They consider themselves blessed to be first generation vegetable growers from the tippy top of New Jersey. They grow corn, soy beans, hay, pumpkins, a wide variety of vegetables, melons, berries, and flowers. They also own and operate a retail garden center and two farm market locations. In addition to growing produce, row crops, and flowers, they also sell Christmas trees, make their own maple syrup, offer their community an 18 week CSA, make their own ice cream, and provide delicious “farm to table” catering. New this year, they will be starting their own egg production and picking their first apples from a newly planted apple orchard! They have four daughters, Anya, Greta, Elsa, and Elin. 

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