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Honoring the outstanding achievements of America’s young agriculturalists

The purpose of the Outstanding Young Farmers Program is to bring about a greater interest in the farmer to foster better urban-rural relations through the understanding of the farmers’ endeavors, to develop a further appreciation for their contributions and achievements, and to inform the agribusiness community of the growing urban awareness of farmers’ importance and impact on America’s economy.

As the farmer’s business has changed, so has his or her involvement in the community. Today’s farmer has become an active citizen, participating in everything from local and state government to civic groups and charitable organizations. It is not only fitting that farmers be honored for their contributions and achievements—it is essential. This award has been established to recognize outstanding achievements in agriculture as well as community involvement.


The National Outstanding Young Farmers Awards Congress is the culmination of the intense independent judging process. Nominees from across the United States are eligible and may be submitted by anyone. Multiple nominations from any one state are permitted; however, following the judging process to  determine the semi-finalists, no more than two from any state will be chosen.

The following criteria must be met during the nomination process:

  • All nominees must be submitted on the official Outstanding Young Farmers Nomination Form, found on the OFA website, postmarked before September 1 of each year.

  • Nomination forms should be completed on the form downloaded from the website, not handwritten.


To qualify:

  • Nominees must be between the ages of 21 and 40, not becoming 41 prior to January 1 before the National OYF Awards Congress.

  • Nominees must be actual farm operators, deriving a minimum of two-thirds of their income from farming.

  • Mail or email the completed nomination form. The submission addresess as well as additional information about the National Outstanding Young Farmers Awards Congress and program can be obtained by visiting


National winners are determined based on personal contributions in the following categories:

  • Progress in agricultural career (50%)

  • Extent of soil and water conservation practices (25%)

  • Contributions to the well-being of the community, state, and nation (25%)


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